Étiquette : wallace stevens

I know noble accents & lucid inescapable rythms (sic)

I know noble accents 2 I know noble accents A4

I know noble accents and lucid inescapable rythms (sic)

Encre sur papier 29,7×21cm

michael lilin 2016



Wallace Stevens, Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird.

I know noble accents
And lucid, inescapable rhythms;
But I know, too,
That the blackbird is involved
In what I know.


When the blackbird flew out of sight,
It marked the edge
Of one of many circles.


At the sight of blackbirds
Flying in a green light,
Even the bawds of euphony
Would cry out sharply.


He rode over Connecticut
In a glass coach.
Once, a fear pierced him,
In that he mistook
The shadow of his equipage
For blackbirds.


The river is moving.
The blackbird must be flying.

the blind men strike him down with their sticks.

the blind men2

the blind men3 the blind men strike him down with their sticks 31×41 2015

the blind men strike him down with their sticks.

Encres et crayon sur papier

31×41 cm

michael lilin 2015


The streets contain a crowd
    Of blind men tapping their way
    By inches—         
    This man to complain to the grocer
    Of yesterday’s cheese,
    This man to visit a woman,
    This man to take the air.
    Am I to pick my way         
   Through these crickets?—
    I, that have a head
    In the bag
    Slung over my shoulder!
    I have secrets        
    That prick
    Like a heart full of pins.
    Permit me, gentlemen,
    I have killed the mayor
    And am escaping from you.       
    Get out of the way!
      (The blind men strike him down with their sticks.)
 Wallace Stevens, Lettre d’un soldat, 1912—1922