Étiquette : denis johnson

michael lilin 2017

constellation (keep smiling, la récompense, thinking one thing)

michael lilin 2017 michael lilin 2017 michael lilin 2017 michael lilin 2017


encre, crayons, feutres, découpages sur papier

3 feuilles

michael lilin 2017



“They don’t come to me
anymore. How can I lament
anything? It is all
so proper, so much
as it should be, now
the nearing cumulus
clouds, ominous,
shift, they are like the
curtains, billowy,
veering at the apex
of their intrusion on the room.
If I am alive now,
it is only
to be in all this
making all possible.
I am glad to be
finally a part
of such machinery. I was
after all not so fond
of living, and there comes
into me, when I see
how little I liked
being a man, a great joy.”
(denis johnson, Looking out the window poem, 1995)