Étiquette : découpage

Heavy —michael lilin

Modèle Moderne (les événements médiatisés)

michael lilin 2017

Modèle Moderne (les événements médiatisés/heavy/de la poussière partout…)

Encres, crayons de couleur, stylo, colle, collages sur papier

24×32 cm

michael lilin 2017


he’ll never get the modern dance

Under the door there’s an eye on the place

He watches for the shadows race

Watch real close

Look real fast

He’s in touch

It’ll never last

Cuz our poor boy believes in chance

he’ll never get the modern dance




michael lilin 2017

Ne touche pas à ça

michael lilin 2017


Ne touche pas à ça

Encres, stylo uniball, feutre, crayons de couleur, découpages sur papier, colle à bois


michael lilin 2017


Don’t touch, the flame will burn the fingertips.
Thrust your whole palm into the fire,
thrust it into the cool of my fur,
for I come from beyond the forests and swamps.
Once my lungs were filled with ice-cold mist,
snow crystals scraped my antlers.
Ice fields shifted. I spoke with a human voice.
What fine words, what low lines. My voice resounded
through the forest. Trees stirred, the lawn shrank.
I came closer, past the first suburbs,
the first lit houses, your home somewhere among them.
Don’t touch,
the glacier’s edge will stick to your nails.

(Olli Heikkonen, 2007)

Your Favorite Question.

your favorite question A4

Your Favorite Question

Encres et aquarelle sur papier découpé.

21×29,7 cm

Michael Lilin 2016



And after all these things
Is a question I must ask
When everyone has called me out
And said I am the worst
And asked for voices on my side
My love, would you sing first?
Would you say, « He’s okay,
He’s better than the rest ;
He’s innocent in god’s eyes
And in mine, he is the best« ?

ambiguous negation

ambigous negation 2 ambigous negation 23×31

ambiguous negation

encres, stylo et aquarelle sur papier et papier découpé


michael lilin 2016

Teach me to plead,” said a young rhetorician to a sophist, “and I will pay you when I gain a cause.” The master sued for payment at once, and the scholar pleaded, “If I gain my cause you must pay me, and if I lose it I am not bound to pay you by the terms of our contract.” The master pleaded, “If you gain you must pay me by the terms of the agreement, and if you lose the court will compel you to pay me.


(je voulais le morceau Are you positive you’re negative ? mais il semble introuvable. Tant pis, un autre.)