From the archaic bones of the great trees

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From the archaic bones of the great trees

encre, lavis, aquarelle, mine graphite sur papier

michael lilin 2015

Le Général Gideon Pillow lors de la bataille de Stones River, lorsqu’il quitte le champ de bataille pour se réfugier dans les bois.

This wood burns a dark
Incense. Pale moss drips
In elbow-scarves, beards

From the archaic
Bones of the great trees.
Blue mists move over

A lake thick with fish.
Snails scroll the border
Of the glazed water

With coils of ram’s-horn.
Out in the open
Down there the late year

Hammers her rare and
Various metals.
Old pewter roots twist

Up from the jet-backed
Mirror of water
And while the air’s clear

Hourglass sifts a
Drift of goldpieces
Bright waterlights are

Sliding their quoits one
After the other
Down boles of the fir.

– Sylvia Plath